I'm Chris Thompson. I'm a Systems Administrator and Cloud Systems Architect from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA .

Usually referred to as "Chris" or "ct", or just about anything else, I'm not very picky. My pronouns are "he"/"him".


This is the list of places I might show up online. If it's not listed here, it's not me.

It's not much, as you can see, because I've pared way back. Once I excised Facebook from my life, others fell in quick succession.

Twitter - @cthompson Fediverse/Mastodon/Pleroma - @chris@social.cthompson.com Telegram - cthompson Github - ct


You can view my resume here, or Here for PDF


There's a colophon for a list of where I stole the body parts to build the website.

In the before times, when the Internet was barely a series of tubes, you kept your .plan up to date and people could get information about your current condition by "fingering" you (yes really). In that spirit, I have a /now page, following Derek Sivers' now page movement.